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Jefferson Students in unforms


HSD Dress Code Policy

Dear Parent/Guardian:

As you know, Jefferson Elementary has a school uniform policy.  All students are required to follow the uniform dress policy on a daily basis.

Listed below are the required elements of the Uniform Policy:

Shirt- Collared shirts are required (polo style is acceptable) and can be long or short sleeve.  There is no requirement for the shirts to have a school logo or name.  Shirt colors are white, blue or light blue. 

Pants/Shorts/Skirts/Skorts- Navy blue, khaki, or black.  Denim or jean pants are NOT included.

Shoes/Belts- There are no specific required colors or styles. School Logo Wear- Our school has developed t-shirts and sweatshirts with our school logo.  These items can be substituted for the collared shirts or other appropriate garment. Please note, that families are not required to purchase these items at any store or retailer.  All of the items noted above, except for the logo wear, can be purchased at several retail outlets in Hawthorne and surrounding cities. Please notify the school office regarding uniform assistance.


Our school logo wear can be purchased in our school office.


We find that the school uniform is a very economical choice for families. Copies of this policy may be found in the Rights and Responsibilities booklet, the school office and on the district’s website at

Jefferson students in line